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How will 2020 Democrats deal with jobs eliminated by artificial intelligence?

To find out how 2020 Democratic candidates would use their presidential powers to address different aspects of technology, we sent seven key questions to every campaign.

[My] Corporate Accountability and Democracy plan would mandate that corporations with more than $100 million in revenue appoint workers to 45 percent of their board seats and issue 20 percent of the corporation’s stock to a worker-controlled fund.

But whether it is coal miners transitioning to jobs in a clean energy economy or manufacturing workers displaced by corporate greed and automation, [I] will protect workers and the communities in which they live.

I’ve also introduced a wealth tax on giant fortunes of more than $50 million to bring in the revenue we need to give every kid an opportunity to build a future by investing in universal child care, public education, universal free college, and student debt cancellation for 42 million Americans.

Pete Buttigieg: Despite the fact that innovation has driven roughly half of all economic growth since World War II, new technologies that create new jobs can also disrupt or destroy old ones.

As technological transformations shift the nature of our job market, we must be able to provide adequate support and retraining to workers to ensure that American workers work in good jobs and earn a fair day’s wage for a fair day’s work.

That is why my economic plan invests $50 billion in workforce training and lifelong learning — investing federal dollars into eight key programs so that incomes can grow for all workers, whether or not they have a college degree.

I have proposed a bold agenda to tackle this problem, titled A New Rising Tide, which guarantees gig workers the right to unionize through codifying the “ABC” test, and cracks down on companies that misclassify workers as independent contractors.

Michael Bennet: Companies have a responsibility to consider how their innovations will affect the workforce and society more broadly, and wherever possible, invest in training existing and future employees for jobs that will be available well into the future.

At the same time, government needs to develop sensible, forward-thinking policy to harness innovations so that they lead to more jobs with better wages and working conditions, rather than fewer jobs with worse pay and conditions.

Ph. D Backend Artificial Intelligence Developer

BetterYou is looking to hire a backend developer to help with the development of our artificial intelligence powered digital wellness mobile application.

Your duties will primarily be collaborating with our developers to implement features on our backend, as well as maintaining our backend algorithms and database code.

Key Responsibilities: Leading projects to implement features in our mobile application and artificial intelligence Lead initiatives to expand the capability of our product and backend technology.

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Artificial Intelligence – Meet the Team

Uber is really one big Machine Learning problem – determining a route, how much to charge, how to pair riders in Pool – and AI Labs helps find solutions to all these problems and more across the many organizations at Uber.

Detecting such situations, specifically, safety-related situations are really important to help Uber’s users feel and be safe on our platform.” “From a technical point of view, It is a great mix of challenges in system and data engineering, signal processing, and machine learning to deliver reliable sensor data and inferences that enable Uber platform to be accurate.

“In Uber’s AI (artificial Intelligence) – Sensing and Perception team, I saw the opportunity to deliver on impactful safety and risk products using the power of sensor data and inferences that can provide insights about the complex physical world, vehicle crash detection is an example.” What excites you about the organization you support?

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