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Artificial intelligence can't solve online extremism issue, experts tell House panel

A group of experts on Tuesday warned a House panel that artificial intelligence is not capable of sweeping up the full breadth of online extremist content — in particular posts from white supremacists.

Rep. Max RoseMax RoseThe Hill's Morning Report — Harris brings her A game to Miami debate Progressives, centrists in open warfare after House caves on Trump border bill GOP scores procedural win by securing more funding to enforce Iran sanctions MORE (D-N.Y.), the chairman of counterterrorism subcommittee holding the hearing, said he is fed up with responses from companies like Google, Twitter and Facebook about their failure to take down extremist posts and profiles, calling it 'wanton disregard for national security obligations.'

Stamos said the 'world’s best machine learning resembles a crowd of millions of preschoolers.'  'No number of preschoolers could get together to build the Taj Mahal,' he explained.   He also raised concerns about the variety of fringe platforms, such as 8chan and Gab, that seek to host white supremacist groups and ideologies.

After the hearing on Tuesday, House Homeland Security Chairman Bennie ThompsonBennie Gordon ThompsonCuccinelli: Critics of detention conditions 'complaining about the numbers they're attracting' Top Democrats call for administration to rescind child migrant information sharing policy Democratic lawmaker says officials tried to keep her from migrant girls during facility tour MORE (D-Miss.) told reporters that the committee is currently in the exploratory stage and is not working on any legislative proposals.

Anticipation and Anticipatory Systems: Humans Meet Artificial Intelligence

Senior Professor and responsible of the Experimental Phenomenology Laboratory at the University of Trento, (Italy).Projected title of her talk: “Anticipatory Structures in Vision: perception from inside out” Canada Research Chair in Race, Inequalities and Global Change, University of British Columbia (Canada).

Projected title of her talk: “Stories as Anticipatory Models” Project Lead of the AI Narratives project, Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence, investigating the representation of AI in fictional, cinematic and other cultural narratives and the effects of these on the development, reception and regulation of artificial intelligence.

Projected title of his talk: “Revisiting Hippocrates’ On ancient medicine to inform natural and artificial anticipation” Philosopher and sociologist, Unesco Chair in Anticipatory Systems, Principal Investigator of the International Anticipation Project, University of Trento (Italy).

Projected title of her talk: “Anticipatory science fiction to foster ethical debates on AI and robotics” Computer scientists and roboticist, Author of Artificial Cognitive Systems (MIT Press), Professor at Carnegie Mellon University Africa (Rwanda).

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