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Department of Energy Announces $20 Million for Artificial Intelligence Research

Today, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced a total of $20 million in funding for innovative research and development in artificial intelligence (A.I.) and machine learning.

DOE’s Office of Electricity has selected eight projects to receive nearly $7 million in total to explore the use of big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning technologies to improve existing knowledge and discover new insights and tools for better grid operation and management.

“Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence will revolutionize every single aspect of our lives and help us address the complex challenges we face today, including the world’s most pressing scientific challenges and securing the power grid in our rapidly evolving environment,”

funding will help ensure continued advancement in the scientific fields and will strengthen the resilience of our Nation’s critical energy infrastructure.”

These projects, totaling nearly $7 million in federal funding, are expected to inform and shape the future development and application of faster grid analytics and modeling, better grid asset management, and sub-second automatic control actions that will help system operators avoid grid outages, improve operations, and reduce costs.

9 Applications Of Artificial Intelligence In Digital Marketing That Will Revolutionize Your Business

In a survey taken by over 1,600 professionals dedicated to marketing, 61% of those surveyed (without considering the size of their company) mentioned that both artificial intelligence and machine learning will be the most important data initiatives next year (source: MeMSQL).

This represents the highest expected year-after-year growth of all emerging technologies that marketers are considering adopting next year, surpassing even the Internet of Things (IoT) and marketing automatization.

And, while the amount of information on potential consumers grows, computer sciences related to AI (like machine learning, deep learning and natural language processing [NPL]), will be of utmost importance when making data-based decisions.

And even though AI still can’t write its own political opinion for a newspaper column or a blog post on the best and most practical advice for a specific industry, there are certain areas in which content created by AI can be useful and help attract visitors to your website.

This technology is commonly used to make personalized content recommendations that the user may find interesting, such as the typical, “people who buy X also buy Y,” like we constantly see on Amazon.

Machine learning or automatic learning can analyze millions of data about the consumer to then determine the best times and days of the week to contact the user, the recommended frequency, the content that catches their attention the most, and which email subjects and titles generate more clicks.

For example, Facebook and Google ad platforms already use machine learning and artificial intelligence to find people more prone to making the advertiser’s desired action.

This means that, in addition to testing different audiences on each ad (up to 480 everyday!) to detect the one most likely to make the desired action or conversion, it’s able to identify and learn which platforms are most profitable and then channel the investment toward them.

Its intelligent algorithms adjust and optimize budgets every hour so that the advertiser can obtain the highest sustained conversion rate (which is guaranteed under contract, or else the software is free) and on average, its increasing ads performance by 83% in just 10 days!

In its blog, Google revealed that around 70% of the searches Google Assistant receives are in natural, conversational language, and do not use the typical key works that you would type out in a classic Google search.

It interprets the user’s voice searches and, using the power of AI, provides the user with the best results according to what it interpreted from the user’s language and context.

After analyzing thousands of data on a single user (including location, demographics, devices, interaction with the site, etc.), AI can display offers and content that are more appropriate for each user type.

2017 Evergage survey on personalization in real time showed that 33% of the marketers surveyed used AI to provide personalized web experiences.

Chatbots are making the process of automating responses to potential buyers’ frequently asked questions even easier by providing them with a way to search for the product or service they’re looking for.

Sephora, for example, is a brand that uses a chatbot to give beauty advice to its users and offer them the best cosmetic products according to their needs.

Predictive analysis is just the use of data, statistical algorithms, and machine learning techniques to identify the probability of future conclusions based on data history.

This AI application will transform marketers from reactive to proactive planners, thanks to the data that serves as a forward-thinking element or guide to make the correct decisions.

Models generated by machine learning can be trained to rank prospects or leads based on certain criteria that the sales team defines as “qualified purchasers.” This way, the sales team won’t lose any more time on leads that will never convert and can focus on those that will.

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10 Things That Use Artificial Intelligence And You’ve Probably Never Realized It

I’m sure when you hear the words “artificial intelligence”, you immediately think of Hollywood’s sci-fi movies: robots taking over the world, complete mayhem, people freaking out, the end of the world getting closer, etc.

Artificial intelligence is really just a program or machine’s ability to learn and think for itself in such a way that it is capable of developing skills as it practices and gains experience.

According to a HubSpot survey conducted this year, 63% of people aren’t actually aware they use artificial intelligence technologies.

The program connects to your information (messages, calendar, music, reminders, mail, contacts, notes, etc.) automatically, and uses machine learning technology to learn and become “smarter”.

Just like with Siri, Google’s email platform uses machine learning to stop unwanted email or spam from entering your inbox.

What this feature does is analyze all your previous conversations, paying specific attention to the way you respond, and generates a predictive algorithm that produces short answers and even some more complex ones.

The automobile company’s system can receive over-the-air software updates, so their cars never stop getting smarter and more efficient.

This platform doesn’t need any kind of introduction, it’s the largest movie and television show company of its kind, ever.

Thanks to its predictive technologies (like algorithms), Netflix analyzes hundreds of records so it can suggest movies, TV shows and documentaries similar to those you have seen and rated positively.

We’re sure this multilingual teacher has helped you quickly check a word or phrase in a foreign language more than a couple times.

This is only possible thanks to artificial intelligence… The program is now even able to translate signaling, as well as images you focus on your smartphone camera.

And in just a couple of years, its results will be much more precise… You didn’t seriously believe the most popular social media platform in the world would lag behind for even a minute, did you?

It does this by analyzing your behavior and engagement within the social media platform, making sense of your interactions (“likes”, “shares”, comments, etc.) and interests, so it can show you similar content.

This app uses AI to connect with its users, creating daily playlists or mixes, based on what you’ve been listening lately.

And since it generates statistical summaries of all the activity from its users every year, it can find out for sure which were their favorite genres, artists, and languages, and come up with just the right music for them.

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