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ETSI launches specification group on Securing Artificial Intelligence

The ETSI Securing Artificial Intelligence group was initiated to anticipate that autonomous mechanical and computing entities may make decisions that act against the relying parties either by design or as a result of malicious intent.

The conventional cycle of networks risk analysis and countermeasure deployment represented by the Identify-Protect-Detect-Respond cycle needs to be re-assessed when an autonomous machine is involved.

The intent of the ISG SAI is therefore to address 3 aspects of artificial intelligence in the standards domain: The purpose of the ETSI ISG SAI is to develop the technical knowledge that acts as a baseline in ensuring that artificial intelligence is secure.

This report will summarize the methods currently used to source data for training AI, along with a review of existing initiatives for developing data sharing protocols and analyse requirements for standards for ensuring integrity in the shared data, information and feedback, as well as the confidentiality of these.

About ETSIETSI provides members with an open and inclusive environment to support the development, ratification and testing of globally applicable standards for ICT systems and services across all sectors of industry and society.

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