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Stephen Hawking warns artificial intelligence could end mankind

Media caption Stephen Hawking: 'Humans, who are limited by slow biological evolution, couldn't compete and would be superseded' Prof Stephen Hawking, one of Britain's pre-eminent scientists, has said that efforts to create thinking machines pose a threat to our very existence.

Prof Hawking says the primitive forms of artificial intelligence developed so far have already proved very useful, but he fears the consequences of creating something that can match or surpass humans.

Image copyright ALAMY Image caption Stanley Kubrick's film 2001 and its murderous computer HAL encapsulate many people's fears of how AI could pose a threat to human life 'It would take off on its own, and re-design itself at an ever increasing rate,' he said.

Image copyright GETTY IMAGES Image caption Elon Musk, chief executive of rocket-maker Space X, also fears artificial intelligence In the longer term, the technology entrepreneur Elon Musk has warned that AI is 'our biggest existential threat'.

He quotes the director of GCHQ's warning about the net becoming the command centre for terrorists: 'More must be done by the internet companies to counter the threat, but the difficulty is to do this without sacrificing freedom and privacy.'

Image caption Prof Hawking is using new software to speak, but has opted to keep the same voice But one aspect of his own tech - his computer generated voice - has not changed in the latest update.

Microsoft deletes 'teen girl' AI after it became a Hitler-loving sex robot within 24 hours

A day after Microsoft introduced an innocent Artificial Intelligence chat robot to Twitter it has had to delete it after it transformed into an evil Hitler-loving, incestual sex-promoting, 'Bush did 9/11'-proclaiming robot.

Facebook Researchers Shut Down Artificial Intelligence That Created It’s Own Language

Facebook has recently developed a new artificial intelligence (AI), and it has since created its own language using code words to communicate more efficiently.

While the resulting phrases from this condensed method of communication sound like gibberish to the human ear, they do in fact make semantic sense when interpreted by AI agents.

Interpreted in this way, his response becomes something like the way we might say, “I’ll have three and you have everything else.” It seems the AI discovered that English phrases weren’t required for the specific scenario.

Modern AIs operate on a “reward” principle, where they expect that by following a course of action they will receive a “benefit.” But in this scenario, for example, there was no reward for continuing to use English, so they decided to use a more efficient way of communicating instead.

If AI continue to create their own languages, developers may have problems creating and adopting new neural networks, but it’s unclear whether this would allow machines to actually overrule their operators.

These new developments, however, allow AI to work more efficiently, and can benefit research teams in the long run if they put in the work to learn the new AI-created shorthand and stay up to date with this new method of communication.

Meet Penny, an AI tool that can predict wealth from space

Penny is a free tool built using high-resolution imagery from DigitalGlobe, income data from the US census, neural network expertise from Carnegie Mellon and intuitive visualizations from Stamen Design.