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Singapore to ‘double down’ on artificial intelligence efforts, says Vivian Balakrishnan

SINGAPORE: Singapore will “double down” on its efforts to build up its artificial intelligence (AI) sector, and equip its workforce to use these tools to “participate meaningfully” in a future where the economy is driven by the technology, said Minister-in-charge of Smart Nation Initiative Vivian Balakrishnan on Thursday (Feb 28).

Dr Balakrishnan pointed out that AI, particularly deep machine learning, has revolutionised the scene in recent years, and people are benefiting from services such as voice assistants, language translations, GPS optimisation and credit card fraud alerts.

For instance, the National Research Foundation set up AI Singapore (AISG) to bring research institutions and start-ups in this field together back in 2017.  Last year, AISG announced its AI for Everyone programme to teach the basics of the technology to 10,000 Singaporeans ranging from secondary students to working adults, as well as a more industry-centric AI for Industry programme targeting about 2,000 working adults.

The minister cited findings from consultancy firm McKinsey saying AI can be used to optimise traffic light networks and predictively maintain public infrastructure, or when used in schools, can help detect student stress early.

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