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Artificial Intelligence

Rather, AI is any set of concepts, applications or technologies that allow a computer to perform tasks that mimic human behavior.

Through the various methods that are used in achieving AI, we will eventually have computers that can “think” and operate at a level of intelligence that is much higher than what any human can achieve.

Because AI can enable machines to do things faster and on a far greater scale than humans, we now have the power to change our world in all the ways that matter.

Less than two decades ago, accounting was an extremely tedious task that involved hours and hours of scribbling in dusty sheets, documenting transactions.

There are now AI applications in disease identification and diagnosis, production of pharmaceuticals, synthesis of naturally occurring compounds and even robotics-assisted surgery.

And for good reason too, considering that those companies driven by AI insights will take more than $1.2 trillion a year from non-insight driven companies by 2020.

83% of companies that have adopted some form of AI and machine learning initiatives in their processes are already reporting value and several more are set to follow.

These jobs will focus more on the administrative role that humans will have to play in relation to AI and will also allow us to spend our time focusing on the creative tasks.

Machine learning deals with the extraction of patterns from data sets, allowing the machine to find rules for optimal behavior while also being able to adapt to changes.

With our data science platform, organizations in every industry can use machine learning to drive revenue, reduce cost, and avoid risk.

With intuitive data prep and automated machine learning, getting started with AI and machine learning has never been easier.

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