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Every Business is an AI Business with Dr. Eric Daimler – Serial Entrepreneur, Technology Executive, Investor and Policy Advisor

They believe that work should be fun (well, at least most days) and that our work must be insightful, inspirational and effective.

In this episode, Danielle tells us how she did not start in the data space but initially wanted to be a doctor.

Danielle says that her most significant learning curve has been communicating related data information to people that do not understand data.

She recalls how she was in a meeting and wondered what to do with the numbers that were presented and challenged people on what the data meant and how it was presented.

Danielle says that these questions were not really asked at the beginning and said that they only came about once she got into a higher position.

This opened her eyes to make sure that data is broken down into something exciting and easy to understand.

Later, Danielle explains how her style is more visual than number driven or a standard PowerPoint, she uses a TED Talk presentation.

Usually, there are specific questions that we are trying to answer, and we can help answer these questions with visual stories.

“Data can sometimes be abused during storytelling, but I hope that over time, this will change and only be used to help support someone.” •

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