AI News, BOOK REVIEW: Artificial Consciousness/Neural Correlates/Neural Network Models

Artificial Consciousness/Neural Correlates/Neural Network Models

Neural Network Models Neural Networks is the study of how neurons form networks and how the networks function.What scientists have found is that the storage within the network is intrinsic to the network, in a way that makes it a phenomenon of the network as a whole.

The following models give a look at current network models, however it should be noted that as new discoveries are made these models might shift or skew in ways we cannot predict at the moment

Deep Learning with Tensorflow - The Recurrent Neural Network Model

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How Deep Neural Networks Work

A gentle introduction to the principles behind neural networks, including backpropagation. Rated G for general audiences. Follow me for announcements: ...

1. Hopfield Nets

Video from Coursera - University of Toronto - Course: Neural Networks for Machine Learning:

Long Term Potentiation and Memory Formation, Animation

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Getting Started with Neural Network Toolbox

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Neurons and What They Do ~ An Animated Guide

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Lecture 9 | CNN Architectures

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