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Artificial intelligence could contribute an additional global economic activity worth around $13 trillion by 2030, by which point around 70 percent of companies will have adopted at least one form of AI, according toa report by a 2018McKinsey Global Institute.

Given that the UK is home to eight of the top 20 European universities and 40 percent of Europe's tech unicorns already reside here, this is of little surprise.

Artificial intelligence, bias and clinical safety | BMJ Quality Safety

Clinical decision support systems (DSS) are in widespread use in medicine and have had most impact providing guidance on the safe prescription of medicines,12 guideline adherence, simple risk screening13 or prognostic scoring.14 These systems use predefined rules, which have predictable behaviour and are usually shown to reduce clinical error,12 although sometimes inadvertently introduce safety issues themselves.15 16 Rules-based systems have also been developed to address diagnostic uncertainty17–19 but have struggled to deal with the breadth and variety of information involved in the typical diagnostic process, a problem for which ML systems are potentially better suited.

Outside of medicine, the cutting edge of AI research is focused on systems that behave autonomously and continuously evolve strategies to achieve their goal (active learning), for example, mastering the game of Go,27 trading in financial markets,28 controlling data centre cooling systems29 or autonomous driving.30 31 The safety issues of such actively learning autonomous systems have been discussed theoretically by Amodei e t

Autonomous systems are long way off practical implementation in medicine, but one can imagine a future where ‘closed loop’ applications, such as subcutaneous insulin pumps driven by information from wearable sensors,33 or automated ventilator control driven by physiological monitoring data in intensive care,34 are directly controlled by AI algorithms.

Figure 1 summarises expected trends in ML research in medicine, over the short, medium and longer terms, with the focus evolving from reactive systems, trained to classify patients from gold standard cases, with a measurable degree of accuracy, to proactive autonomous systems which continuously learn from experience, whose performance is judged on outcome.

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