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Back in 2013, Tyson Timbs’ $40,000 Land Rover was seized by police after he was arrested and charged with selling $400 worth of heroin.

Indiana, this ruling now requires cities and states, not just the Federal Government, to abide by the Eighth Amendment’s Excessive Fines Clause, preventing law enforcement from imposing excessive fines in seizure cases, setting up a historical precedent.

Another Side to the #gagtheswag Campaign

You may have heard about #gagtheswag, the campaign to limit or prohibit all that cheap swag given away at legal conferences.

The idea is to encourage vendors and conference organizers to either ban conference swag or provide only swag that is 100 percent recyclable.

Those cheap t-shirts and tote bags have environmental impacts also, including water pollution, the use of toxic chemicals and textile waste.

While the environmental issues are important, equally important is the fact that swag is almost entirely manufactured using subsistence-wage workers who toil in often-unsafe conditions with few if any job protections.

There is cruel irony in the fact that the stress-relief squishy ball you picked up at your last conference was manufactured by workers who toil in the most stressful of conditions.

Most of these promotional products come from China, where factory workers overall earn less than a tenth of their U.S. counterparts and are more than three times more likely to be killed at work.

In Bangladesh, where many cheap clothing items are made, factory fires killed at least 500 garment workers over a six-year span and the toll of those injured rises to the thousands.