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VIDEO: Artificial Intelligence in Cardiac Ultrasound

He spoke in several sessions at Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) 2019 meeting on the integration of AI in healthcare.  He said AI will play a big roll in imaging assessments of adult congenital heart disease to help relieve the burden on the small number of congenital cardiologists.  Chang also explained there is a tsunami of data about to wash over healthcare as wearable devices begin to be integrated into patient care.

How AI Will Rewire Us

As consequential as these innovations were, however, they did not change the fundamental aspects of human behavior that comprise what I call the “social suite”: a crucial set of capacities we have evolved over hundreds of thousands of years, including love, friendship, cooperation, and teaching.

The basic contours of these traits remain remarkably consistent throughout the world, regardless of whether a population is urban or rural, and whether or not it uses modern technology.

Especially as machines are made to look and act like us and to insinuate themselves deeply into our lives, they may change how loving or friendly or kind we are—not just in our direct interactions with the machines in question, but in our interactions with one another.

He showed that, under certain circumstances, a bot that simply reminded the perpetrators that their target was a human being, one whose feelings might get hurt, could cause that person’s use of racist speech to decline for more than a month.

VIDEO: RSNA President Says Artificial Intelligence is Hottest Tech Advancement in Radiology

Here is an example of new artificial intelligence (AI) driven health information systems that aim to improve efficiency, speed workflow and make finding relevant patient data fast.

All are clickable and show a small pop-up box with a key image and brief description, and a link to the full set of images and the full report.  Other boxes on the screen help organize the relevant patient data into easily digestible bits with links to full reports or areas of the patient record.

Cancer Imaging

A peer-reviewed journal would not survive without the generous time and insightful comments of the reviewers, whose efforts often go unrecognized.

Although final decisions are always editorial, they are greatly facilitated by the deeper technical knowledge, scientific insights, understanding of social consequences, and passion that reviewers bring to our deliberations.

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