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How artificial intelligence is reshaping global power and Canadian foreign policy

A recent UK study found that 40 percent of European ‘AI startups’ did not actually use AI in a “material” way, an error sometimes caused by incorrect labeling from third-party analytics websites, but which businesses were in no rush to correct.

In fact, the Treasury Board of Canada, tasked with drafting the directive that will guide AI integration into the federal civil service, prefers the term “automated decision-making” to describe how AI will operate within the Canadian government once the directive takes effect.

Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland’s 2017 address on Canada’s foreign policy priorities points to the transformative impact that automation and the digital revolution have had on the workforce to explain rising populist disaffection towards free trade and globalization (though Freeland says that free trade is still overwhelmingly beneficial).

For instance, the navy is developing voice-enabled assistants for Canadian warships.) And in the aftermath of the New Zealand mosque shooting, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale called on digital platforms to better recognize the ways their platforms propagate right-wing extremism and terrorism.

(Curiously, right-wing extremism and terrorism are mentioned as separate categories in his speech, despite the New Zealand shooting being the most severe in the nation’s history.) Goodale went further and told his G7 colleagues that digital platforms who could not temper their algorithms “should expect public regulation...if they fail to protect the public interest.”

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