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Special Issue "New Industry 4.0 Advances in Industrial IoT and Visual Computing for Manufacturing Processes"

ICT technologies, such as the industrial Internet of things (IIOT), industrial big data and cloud technologies, deep learning and deep analytics, artificial intelligence, intelligent robotics, cyber-physical systems, digital twins, and visual computing (including augmented reality, visual analytics, cognitive computer vision, new HMI interfaces, and simulation and computer graphics), among others.

Both classical and new manufacturing processes (such as additive manufacturing), based on advanced mecahnical principles, are being enhanced by the use of big data analytics on industrial sensor data.

In the current machine tools and systems, there are complex sensors that are able to gather useful information, which can be captured, stored, and processed with edge, fogor cloud computing technologies.

thermal, vibration, deformation, etc.) can be improved with digital monitoring, digital twins, visual data analytics, artificial intelligence, and computer vision in order to achieve a more productive and reliable smart factory.

New approaches for augmented reality and immersive virtual reality, as well as other multimodal ways of improving human computer interaction in manufacturing scenarios, are enhancing the capabilities of operators and engineers so as to capture and

Visual analytics can help decision-making by management, domain experts, operators, engineers, and so on, by providing user-specific interactive visualization and the exploration of operational data in combination with machine learning approaches.