AI News, ANYmal C legged robot is optimized for industrial inspection, says ANYbotics

ANYmal C legged robot is optimized for industrial inspection, says ANYbotics

The robot is optimized with a wide range of sensors to provide high availability, safety, and reliability for routine automated industrial inspections, said the Swiss company.

At the core, powerful torque-controllable actuators have been designed to carry the next-generation robot over steep stairs and to reliably take the strain of over a million cycles, said the company.

“Executing pre-defined missions, autonomous systems can safely and reliably navigate through industrial plants and carry sensors to collect and interpret equipment and environment data.”

Carrying a variety of sensors such as visual and thermal cameras, lidar, microphones, and gas detection sensors, ANYmal can perceive and interpret a broad range of physical properties.

Due to their high complexity, industrial plants are difficult to operate without failures, and due to high downtime costs, plant operators are very keen to avoid interruptions.

To prevent equipment from failing, plants need to be monitored and inspected regularly, but manual data collection by human inspectors is a tedious and error-prone task in a potentially dangerous environment.

To explore the potential of autonomous robotic inspection, ANYbotic said it provides test installations and pilot projects worldwide to prepare for completely unsupervised installations in the future.

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