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Regulating for Globalization

The debate on the future of work has largely concentrated how many jobs will be lost to automation and the number of workers who will likely be displaced.

Wearable devices such as “smart badges”, measuring how fast people walk and complete tasks, where they move in the workplace, with whom they interact, and the quality of their conversations are a growing reality in the world of work.

My paper then discusses the legal implications of automation and artificial intelligence within the workplace and the potential role of social dialogue in governing these phenomena (a preliminary version can be read here).

David Kucera and Fernanda Barcia de Mattos discuss automation threat to jobs and the implication of re-shoring in workplaces in industrialised and developing countries, while Antonio Casilli shows how digital work, paid and unpaid, is used to build and reinforce AI systems and outlines what policy measures can tackle this phenomenon.

Frank Hendrickx discusses the many challenges big data and AI pose to existing privacy regulation, including the GDPR, while Miriam Cherry examines past policy debates on automation, with a specific focus on the ILO, to draw directions for the future of regulation in this area.

Finally, Antonio Aloisi and Elena Gramano examine how employment law, data protection and privacy regulation can be used to counter undesirable AI-enabled digital monitoring at the workplace, while Emanuele Dagnino and Ilaria Armaroli present case studies on how trade unions are reacting to the introduction of AI-monitoring and of automating technologies in the workplace and how existing labour regulation assist them in doing this.

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