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Anthropomorphic Robotics Project/Brainstorming

Maybe, have vision translate things into 3D, robots then process and orient themselves in 3D space in bits, and this translates into mechanical movement.

It must break that task down into chunks, and create an executable system of steps to complete the task.

Maybe this is a good starting point because decent code may exist, and it may be a necessary first step that requires little funding.

Instead of using texture, sheen or other properties of a surface to determine the material, discover what the object is that is being examined and then reference what objects of this or that sort is usually composed of....

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Alquist: ...all the workers in the world will be out of a job. Domin: Yes, they will be, Alquist. They will be, Miss Glory. But in ten years' time Rossum's Universal ...

Humans Need Not Apply

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The device doesn't look like much: a caterpillar-sized assembly of metal rings and strips resembling something you might find buried in a home-workshop ...

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RealPen: Providing Realism in Handwriting Tasks on Touch Surfaces using Auditory-Tactile Feedback Youngjun Cho, Andrea Bianchi, Nicolai Marquardt, Nadia ...

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