AI News, BOOK REVIEW: Annual Global Funds Conference 2019

MIT AI Conference 2018: Staying Competitive in the World of AI in Finance

Selina Wang - Reporter - Bloomberg Ananth Madhavan - Global Head of Research for ETFs and Index Investing - Blackrock Keith Rabois - Managing Director ...

The Big Nine: The Future of AI

The future of artificial intelligence—and by extension, the future of humanity—is predominantly controlled by just nine companies, six in the US and three in ...

What's Next for the World Ahead - Milken Conference 29th April 2019

Fund Management Insight from NFU Mutual: UK Lipper Fund Awards 2019

In this video Jake Moeller, Head of Lipper Research, UKI, Refinitiv, interviews Paul Glover, Chief Investment Manager, NFU Mutual. The pair discuss the P's of ...

Leon Bottou - From Machine Learning to Artificial Intelligence

Leon Bottou, FaceBook AI Research, From Machine Learning to Artificial Intelligence This talk was presented during the National Academy of Sciences Arthur M.

Brainstorm Tech 2019: AI At The Frontier: A Global Viewpoint

Omoju Miller, Machine Learning Engineer at GitHub, discusses how radical technology innovation can transform a continent such as Africa. Subscribe to Fortune ...

Global Tech Forum 2018: From Dotcom to Artificial Intelligence I Fortune

Coming from different backgrounds and cultures, Jim Breyer and Hugo Shong both started investing in tech during the emergence of dotcoms in early 1990s.

Artificial Intelligence Strategy Update

Stephen Jue, Portfolio Manager from Allianz Global Investors, shares the investment strategy of Artificial Intelligence. Subscribe to our channel, Allianz Global ...

Artificial Intelligence & Ophthalmology Interview with Genentech's Dr. Ferrara at OIS@ASRS 2019

Ophthalmology Innovation Summit TV Host: Firas M. Rahhal, MD, Partner – Exsight Ventures / Retina Vitreous Associates Medical Group sits down with Dr.