AI News, BOOK REVIEW: Andre Rowland artificial intelligence

BAHFest West 2015 - Louis Evans: Prostrate Sleep Posture as a Protective Adaptation

Louis Evans explains why we sleep laying down. BAHFest is the Festival of Bad Ad Hoc Hypotheses, a celebration of well-researched, logically explained, and ...

We Are All Gamblers at Heart, But There is Hope | Elise Payzan-LeNestour | TEDxSydney

Humans are deeply ingrained with the smarts to understand risk, yet we nonetheless take mindless risks all the time. If we are determined to take so many risks, ...

#IWD2016 Jo Deblaere

Join us today with our own Jo Deblaere to celebrate #IWD2016 #GreaterThan

Predicting AI: RIP Prof. Hubert Dreyfus

"In The Brothers Karamazov one of the monks tells Alyosha that "the science of this world has … analyzed everything divine handed down to us in the holy ...

Ryan Gable opens for Clyde Lewis @ CITD - Black Cube

Replacing Reality Black Cubes, Goo, Magic & Symbols Ryan's Website: Ryan Gable is the author of: The Technological Elixir ..

High Stakes - Get Low (Original Mix)

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Beyonce Inspired Spiral curls Sexy and totally fabulous Curls

READ FOR INFO****************************** Hi Guys! Thanks for watching my vids! I Appreciate it ! Instagram :IAMAAVA Twitter:IAMAAVA ***What I Used***** ...