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Autonomous production is now

From 1859, when Colonel Edwin Drake successfully drilled America’s first oil well in Pennsylvania and over the next several decades, the oil and gas business was primarily driven by manual labor.

Those who have embraced SCADA, remote monitoring, remote control, and autonomy even on a small scale are already benefiting from reduced downtime through increased operational efficiency—which means more production, fewer costly repairs, and more importantly a much safer work environment with less windshield time.

Now, with oil and gas technology moving towards full autonomy—where artificial intelligence (AI) driven systems and machine learning through analytics relieves humans of more and more of the basic troubleshooting as well as operational and system adjustments—producers are able to make a profit at lower oil prices.

For the team at Zedi, the autonomous future is now, with our Zedi Smart-Field™ system that operates exactly as described above, complete with AI and machine learning to give our customers and partners the advantage of autonomous operations - now.

It doesn’t flag every minor pressure change or flow rate change, small fluctuations are just a day in the life once it’s ‘learned’ the regular operational performance for a specific asset.

When that system includes Zedi’s highly adjustable hydraulic artificial lift system, Zedi SilverJack™, it can autonomously regulate pump speed, stroke length and frequency according to priorities given in a 15-point solution protocol.

ADIPEC 2018: Innovative Technologies For Industry’s Toughest Challenges

ADIPEC is “a world-class business forum where oil and gas professionals convene to engage in dialogue, create partnerships, do business, and identify solutions and strategies that will shape the industry for the years ahead,” according to the conference website.

The system uses a combination of high airflow and a rotating screen filtration system to improve separation efficiency, allowing more drilling fluid to be recycled and resulting in dryer cuttings and less waste.

Building on these capabilities, the MudCube X comes with an enhanced modular design for easier integration into rig designs and fast installation and maintenance, ensuring immediate value and return on investment to Middle East operators and drilling contractors.

will be showcasing the iCruise intelligent rotary steerable system, a new technology that provides operators with automated drilling commands and realtime directional data to optimize decision-making to reduce rig time and save costs.

The iCruise system provides some of the highest mechanical specifications available that deliver 400 rpm and up to 18 degrees/30 m (100 ft) dogleg capabilities to drill fast while delivering greater accuracy.

Instead of trying to manage an engineering, procurement, construction and installation project by sending emails with specifications and engineering drawings and using disconnected tools to execute engineering, McDermott’s approach has been the development of Gemini XD and the use of integrated engineering software.

The platform enables McDermott to digitalize and standardize its processes, share information across the project team efficiently and drive down costs by shortening communication lines and bringing together engineering information into a single location.

The drillbit, whose name is Arabic for “falcon,” was developed using a specialized design tool that models heat generation and removal on PDC cutters while drilling, considering the effect of formation properties, cutting structure layout and hydraulics design.

Solutions for asset integrity challenges Oceaneering provides comprehensive, field-proven solutions that enable better decision-making, focused spending and increased safety for all asset integrity challenges, including advanced and conventional nondestructive testing inspection technologies, integrity engineering services and inspection management.

The technology injects admixture—corrosion inhibitor, scale inhibitor, demulsifier, water, glycol, etc.—around the annular restriction to take advantage of the increased momentum, thus applying energy and shear forces to the complete fluid flow.

A small stepped opening, along with a gradual return to initial pipe diameter, creates a dispersion force and intense mixing action that subsequently provides enhanced mass transfer between the process fluid and admixtures.

Recently, ProSep has developed the AIM technology through a series of joint testing programs, along with computational flow dynamic modeling, that demonstrated the mixer’s ability to provide about 100% mass transfer of water from natural gas into glycols (dehydration);

The technology provides operators with zone-specific well production data and production trends for use in production optimization and continuous well performance evaluation, and it enables Middle East operators to monitor their reservoirs for up to 10 years without intervention risks and costs.

Through analyzing samples taken over a period of time (e.g., one sample every week), it is then possible to determine zone-specific production trends and water breakthrough events and to verify that the well has sufficient drawdown pressure. Well testing live performance system digitally integrates all process information At ADIPEC 2018 Schlumberger will be introducing its Concert well testing live performance to bring real-time transparency, collaboration and accessibility to well testing, cleanup and production testing operations.

Increasing sand control reliability and maintaining injectivity To address the challenge of sandface injection flow control, Tendeka has developed Cascade3, a new well screen, flow control completion system that utilizes intrinsic check-valves to prevent any backflow or cross-flow during shut-ins.

As part of a threeyear R&D program, a field trial was conducted with a major operator in the Gulf of Mexico (GoM) to improve performance on water injection wells, which had suffered severe loss of injectivity within a short period of completion.

Water management solution lowers costs Shale operations are dealing with higher water management costs and more environmental and operational risks than ever before, both of which are becoming an increasingly larger part of operators’ costs.

By integrating and automating the company’s offerings, efficiency is maximized through job planning and crew optimization, helping reduce manpower for a typical fully integrated completion operation by more than 30%.

The step change in efficiency is delivered through fully automated technology that provides greater transparency and quality control throughout the transfer, flowback and recycling of produced water—all while simultaneously improving environmental considerations.

TUBACOAT provides a longer life cycle to the refining petrochemical processing units, improving product surface properties as well as thermal insulation, to obtain higher energy-efficiency and savings as a result. Self-orienting tools aid completion string running Varel’s Downhole Products will be showcasing a new family of completion string deployment technologies that provide simple, self-orienting solutions to common wellbore running problems.

Program provides on-demand iron rental, asset management Through its Weir Edge Services program, operators in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Russia and the Caspian region can enjoy the ease and flexibility of on-demand iron rental, asset management and recertification of flow iron from all original equipment manufacturers.

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