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Artificial Intelligence

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AirAsia deploys AVA chatbot in artificial intelligence push

MANILA -- AirAsia said it launched a chatbot named AVA, tapping artificial intelligence as it unveiled a redesigned mobile app and website.

Svelte and dressed in the flaming red uniform of the low-cost carrier's flight attendants, AVA or AirAsia Virtual Allstar can answer frequently asked questions as well as provide flight information.

Notes on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning for curious people

Deep Learning McKinsey claims that deep learning techniques have the potential to create between $3.5 trillion and $5.8 trillion in value annually in 19 industries!

ANN is modeled using layers of artificial neurons to receive input and apply an activation function along with a human set threshold.

Deep learning has already achieved near or better than human level image classification, speech/hand writing recognition and of course the autonomous driving.

Depth is the number of node layers where there are more than one hidden layers thus need for more computation power for forward/backward optimization while training, testing and eventually running these ANNs.

The most popular applied corporate cases are probably optical character recognition (OCR) to digitize text to automate data entry.

Of course initially these filters don’t know where to look for image features like edges or curves and the previously mentioned weights are random numbers (like a baby with fresh mind).

Because this is a training set we already know the outcome labels thus depending on the success of the prediction, a loss function is calculated and the network makes a back pass while updating its weights.

Now the model performs a backward pass through the network, which is determining which weights contributed most to the loss and finding ways to fine tune these weights so that the loss decreases thru consecutive passes.

RNN can remember the former inputs, which gives them a big edge over other artificial neural networks when it comes to sequential and context-sensitive tasks such as speech recognition .

RNNs are also used for language translations, composing music, writing novels, Wikipedia articles or Shakespearean poems, write AI tweets… You can train it to write machine generated Obama speeches or compose non-existent “Beatles” songs.

Yann LeCun, the director of Facebook AI said: “Generative Adversarial Networks is the most interesting idea in the last ten years in Machine Learning.” GAN makes the neural nets more human by allowing it to CREATE rather than just training it with data sets.

In the starting phase, a Generator model takes random noise signals as input and generates a random noisy (fake) image as the output.

The Discriminator which is the advisory of Generator is fed with both the generated images as well as a certain class of images at the same time, allowing it to tell the generator how the real image looks like.

After reaching a certain point, the Discriminator will be unable to tell if the generate image is a real or a fake image, and that is when we can see images of a certain class (class that the discriminator is trained with) being generated by out Generator that never actually existed before!

Experts sometimes describe this as the generative network trying to “fool” the discriminative network, which has to be trained to recognize particular sets of patterns and models.

GANs could be used for increasing the resolution of an image, recreating popular images or paintings or generating an image from text, producing photo realistic depictions of product prototypes, generate realistic speech audio of real people (OMG!) as well as producing fashion/merchandise shots.

There is already a large choice of NLP engines that are readily available to embed into everyday uses whether it is call centers, chat-bots, translators, auto-predictors, spam filters or the new vast domain of digital assistants.

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