AI News, AM PhD Model Program

We are PhD students from Harvard University here to answer questions about artificial intelligence and cognition. Ask us anything!

Code Libraries: Sklearn - Really great machine learning algorithms that work right out of the box Tensorflow (with Tutorials) - Advanced machine learning toolkit so you can build your own algorithms.

We are Harvard PhD students studying artificial intelligence (AI) and cognition representing Science in the News (SITN), a Harvard Graduate Student organization committed to scientific outreach.

SITN posts articles on their blog, hosts seminars, creates podcasts, and meet and greets with scientists and the public.

Graduate school and science communication: As a science outreach organization, how can we effectively engage the public in science?

Participants include: Rockwell Anyoha is a graduate student in the department of molecular biology with a background in physics and genetics.

He has published work on genetic regulation but is currently using machine learning to model animal behavior.

She uses fMRI to understand the neural mechanisms that underlie human perception of complex sounds, like speech and music.

He is using machine learning to understand the effects of mutations by modeling genomes from plants, animals, and microbes from the wild.

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