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Lockheed Martin AlphaPilot AI Drone Innovation Challenge

Lockheed Martin and Drone Racing League announced an innovation competition, challenging teams to develop artificial intelligence (AI) technology that will ...

Lockheed Martin Looks to Drone Racing for the Next Advance in AI

Sep.05 -- Keoki Jackson, Lockheed Martin Corp. chief technology officer, sits down with Bloomberg's Emily Chang at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San ...

World First AI Drone In The World? The Drone That Never Crash?

R1, with Skydio Autonomy Engine, is the first flying camera combining artificial intelligence, computer vision, and advanced robotics. Skydio maps and interprets ...

Technology 2019 | Mystic : The most advanced AI-Powered Drone

"Indiegogo" "Technology 2019" "Tech 2019" future technology 2019" Mystic : The most advanced AI-Powered Drone The Mystic ushers in a new era of UAV ...

AI in the Cockpit

This video is about AI being introduced into the cockpit. Aviation Analyst, Pilot and entrepreneur Fabrizio Poli gives you his analysis on what's coming next.

Artificial Intelligence / Swarm Killer Drones

The next step in the evolution of war. Swarm Drones with face recognition as weapons of the future.

TensorFlow Test Machine learning Drone

Test Machine learning Drone by TensorFlow App.

Neural Net Classifier Solving Problem in Real Time

I code a little interface to watch neural network weights and classifier scores for training examples while the machine learning was taking place in real time.

NASA’s AI drone race a pro human pilot

the recent experiment from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory is anything to go by. The agency has been testing autonomous drones for a while, and last week ...