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AIO, NCV, NCZ, CBH and ACV Declare Monthly Distributions

The actual composition and character of the distributions stated above and future distributions of each Fund may be materially different from the composition or character of such distributions that existed at the time of this press release and may be comprised of net investment income, capital gains and/or return of capital.

Such factors include the varied nature of each Fund’s investments and the performance of those investments, and that the ultimate characterization of each Fund’s distribution cannot finally be determined until the end of each Fund’s fiscal year, resulting in the possibility of a return of capital if any Fund makes total distributions in an amount that exceeds its net investment income and net realized capital gains during its fiscal year.

Such risks and uncertainties include, without limitation, the adverse effect from a decline in the securities markets or a decline in the Funds’ performance, a general downturn in the economy, competition from other companies, changes in government policy or regulation, inability to attract or retain key employees, inability to implement its operating strategy and/or acquisition strategy, and unforeseen costs and other effects related to legal proceedings or investigations of governmental and self-regulatory organizations.

AllianzGI Artificial Intelligence & Technology Opportunities Fund declares $0.10833 dividend

Technology Opportunities Fund (NYSE:AIO) declares $0.10833/share monthly dividend, in line with previous.

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