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Oren Etzioni

The Center investigates problems in data mining, natural language processing, the Semantic Web and other web search topics.[7]

Etzioni was the first student to major in computer science at Harvard University, where he earned a bachelor's degree in 1986.

Etzioni's research is focused on basic problems in the study of intelligence, machine reading, machine learning and web search.[6]

Past projects include Internet Softbots---the study of intelligent agents in the context of real-world software testbeds.

Etzioni is an entrepreneur who has founded or co-founded several business ventures, including MetaCrawler (bought by Infospace), Netbot (bought by Excite), and ClearForest (bought by Reuters).

He co-founded Decide, a company whose website helped consumers make buying decisions using previous price history and recommendations from other users.


In this talk I will introduce a new model for encoding knowledge graphs and generating texts from them.

Through detailed automatic and human evaluations I demonstrate the value of conditioning text generation on graph-structured knowledge, as well as the superior performance of the proposed model compared to recent work.

I don't like notebooks.- Joel Grus (Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence)

I have been using and teaching Python for many years. I wrote a best-selling book about learning data science. And here's my confession: I don't like notebooks.

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