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Alert! The Dangers of Artificial Intelligence AI (New Documentary 2018)

Review the best insurance companies: WATCH THE MOST HIGH-TECH CHRISTMAS TREE ..

Robot AI has a new announcement for Humanity

Sophia The Robot has a new announcement for Humanity. She addresses some of the world's top questions such as "Are you alive?" "Do you have a soul?

Welcome to 1984 DHS using AI to monitor you


Sophia Robot is getting smarter? AI for Good interview 2018

Sophia Robot is getting smarter? AI for Good interview 2018 AI FOR GOOD 2018 INTERVIEWS, sophia robot and DAVID Hanson Founder and CEO of Hanson ...

Urget! A.I. Mass Mind Manipulation World Control Plan "Here" 2018

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Hitachi reveals AI security software

Japanese electronics giant Hitachi Ltd is developing software equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance security screenings at large-scale venues ...

President Barack Obama on What AI Means for National Security | WIRED

WIRED guest editor President Barack Obama, WIRED editor in chief Scott Dadich and MIT Media Lab director Joi Ito discuss the challenges of cyber security in ...

MATRIX AI Network Updates with Professor Steve Deng | Testnet | Artificial Intelligence $MAN

MATRIX (MAN) is an open-source blockchain platform that supports smart contracts and machine learning services. With its infrastructure re-built with artificial ...

Breaking News: "Reports A.I. Will Be Billions Times Smarter Than Humans"

also "Homeland Security" calls "Reports that A.I. will be billions Times smarter" also ..

Top 5 Technologies in 2018

Top 5 Technologies in 2019 : Python Tutorial for Beginners: 5 skills for IT Professional: .