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NexOptic Introduces ALLIS™, Providing Remarkable AI Solutions to Imaging

“Canada, and Edmonton in particular, has become a global hub for ground-breaking AI development, and we are taking full advantage of our geographical location by adding talented new team members to our organization.” NexOptic’s technology is designed to perform in a variety of lighting conditions, enabling more compact optics with less expensive electronics.

“NexOptic offers an industry-leading low-light solution and is well positioned to be a formative player in the imaging systems of tomorrow.” NexOptic is in advanced discussions with several companies representing a variety of imaging markets that could greatly benefit from ALLIS.

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Is This Real Or Just Fantasy? Establishing Truth And Trust In AI Solutions

Like most things in life, the answer is probably: “it depends.” We would probably trust a machine to maintain room temperature, find us a restaurant, or even fly a plane.

One of the most fundamental values of doing business and providing value to customers is trust, and artificial intelligence is the most-heavily debated technology regarding ethical concerns and related trust issues.

In a recent global customer survey released by Pegasystems Inc., about 25% of respondents worried about robots taking over the world.

To help people’s understanding of the benefits from AI, organizations need to adopt a problem-driven mindset and have appropriate tools and people in place.

Value benchmarked As an example, in the past six months, Omdena brought together a group of more than fifty AI students and enthusiasts to build a machine learning model in collaboration with a startup in India.

The focus was on identifying rooftops on low-resolution satellite images to make an assessment on whether installing solar panels would be cost-efficient.

In a few months, the community was able to tag over 2,000 rooftop satellite images and build an ML model with more than 80% accuracy in identifying rooftops on low-resolution images.

Involving organizations, experts, and enthusiasts in a community-driven setting offers many additional benefits such as better data access, more inclusive solutions, and faster learning.

To understand this model better, Omdena is hosting a free session on “How to develop a truly powerful AI strategy” where we will share best practices on reusable AI assets, building strong teams, establishing truth and trust in technology, and how to pilot in AI before full-scale implementation.

Nuance Automotive and Banma Partner to Bring Hybrid AI Solutions to Banma MARS V3.0, the Company’s Latest Connected Car Platform

With a hybrid approach, Nuance’s platform combines embedded and cloud-based content and services to provide Banma MARS V3.0 with fast, seamless performance, with key in-car functions still available in areas of low connectivity and over-the-air update available for ongoing improvement to the system.

Together, we can design an in-car voice-user interface experience that is unparalleled, and Banma MARS V3.0 is just the beginning.” “We’re excited about our growing relationship with Banma and our growth together to bring a unique user experience to drivers in China,” said Stefan Ortmanns, executive vice president and general manager, Nuance Automotive.

“Banma MARS V3.0 marks not just deep cooperation on a voice-powered interface for the car, but a mutual commitment to together building the future of the in-car assistant, with enhanced performance and new features and content that differentiate these cars from the competition.” Banma MARS V3.0 will first be pushed to SAIC’s Roewe Marvel RX5 and new Ford Kuga, available now.

With decades of domain and artificial intelligence expertise, Nuance works with thousands of organizations – in global industries that include healthcare, telecommunications, automotive, financial services, and retail – to create stronger relationships and better experiences for their customers and workforce.

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