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4 Simple Rules to Make AI Chatbots a Force for Good

Chatbots are still considered an emerging technology, but their use is rapidly expanding among all businesses.

Because chatbotsoffer many benefits,including better customer experiences, increasedcustomer engagement and increasedsales and conversion rates.

Also, with the advancement of artificial intelligence, machine learningand natural language processing, chatbots are poised to become more and more intelligent -- which means even more businesses will adopt them.

Related: 5 AI Trends That Will Reshape Customer Service Over the Next 5 Years Business Insider experts predict that by 2020, 80 percentof enterprises will use chatbots.

We don’t quite know why the other 20 percent is shying away, but we hope the realization dawns upon them soon.

And, yes, don’t forget to introduce your chatbot to users.Being clear about what your chatbot can do will help visitors to have a more positive experience.

Though your chatbot cannot provide an exact human-to-human interaction, giving it a personality can help you connect with your visitors and create a seamlessly humanlike automated customer service experience.

Conversational AI that adapts to your business

Our bot’s natural language understanding and intelligent conversational AI technology allows it to automatically improve itself after each conversation.

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