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Artificial Intelligence Manufacturing (AIM)

By integrating the know-how of the recently-acquired German industrial automation solutions specialist AC-Automation, Oerlikon now offers Industrie 4.0 systems solutions from a single source: the entire manmade fiber manufacturing plant is – step by step – being automated, digitalized and expanded to include new functions.

This starts with human-machine interfaces (HMIs), which have enabled hugely interesting services – whether process monitoring via a service online app on smart phones and tablets or customer care and maintenance using the Microsoft HoloLens solution.

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Artificial intelligence could contribute an additional global economic activity worth around $13 trillion by 2030, by which point around 70 percent of companies will have adopted at least one form of AI, according toa report by a 2018McKinsey Global Institute.

Given that the UK is home to eight of the top 20 European universities and 40 percent of Europe's tech unicorns already reside here, this is of little surprise.

Anacreon - AIM (Artificial Intelligence of Machinery)

A.I.M. Artificial Intelligence Machine v0.21 gameplay #1

A.I.M. original demo v0.21. The differences between the release and demo versions may look quite small, but at the closer inspection they're actually pretty ...

A.I.M. - Artificial Intelligence Machine - REVIEW

Review on this great game.

A.I.M.: Artificial Intelligence Machine

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Let's Play AIM: artificial intelligence machine

Ein sehr seltsames Spiel das irgendwie so etwas wie ein Action-RPG darstellen könnte, so richtig schlau bin ich daraus allerdings nicht geworden. Aber es ...

A.I.M. Artificial Intelligence Machine Teaser (Mechanoids 2002)

This is alpha version of the A.I.M. Artificial Intelligence Machine in 2002. I apologize for the quality of the video! All credit goes to SkyRiver Studios, 1C Company ...

A.I.M (Artificial intelligence machine) CZ

Zdravím lidi,tahle hra mě hodně baví,ale je velmi těžké ji na internetu někde sehnat. Mě samotnému to trvalo velmi dlouho,ale nakonec se mi to povedlo a tak ...

A I M Artificial Intelligence Machine

A.I.M. Artificial Intelligence Machine.