AI News, BOOK REVIEW: AI Today: Who Is Using It Right Now, and How

AI Today: Who Is Using It Right Now, and How

In a broad sense, says Information Age’s Nick Ismail, AI is already bringing five key capabilities to the enterprise: To see some of these capabilities in action, check out the new website for Peach Aviation which features an automated response system that provides multi-language support for customer inquiries.

worth of game-day commercials and various client-engagement data to derive actionable insights linked to key video concepts, attributes and themes.

CognitiveScale is also working with organizations in the financial, health care and retail industries by allowing video data to undergo the same analytics processes as voice, image and text.

AI helps overcome these hurdles, bringing much-needed clarity to highly organized criminal enterprises ranging from money laundering to human trafficking to terrorism.

Using third-party AI platforms specifically geared toward identifying suspicious data patterns, companies have not only lowered their costs but increased their chances of detecting nefarious activities.

Every time a legal transaction is processed, a learning algorithm is exposed to the normal patterns of money movement and is thus better equipped to identify transactions that break these patterns.

With enough computing power, an intelligent system might be able to leverage the rising trend of micro-transactions by breaking up large transactions into numerous, perhaps millions, of smaller ones that are harder to detect and track.

Unlike earlier technologies, however, AI is expected to improve with age as it incorporates both human- and machine-generated data to forge a greater understanding of the environment it occupies and how best to navigate it.

AI (artificial intelligence)

Strong AI, also known as artificial general intelligence, is an AI system with generalized human cognitive abilities so that when presented with an unfamiliar task, it has enough intelligence to find a solution.

The Turing Test, developed by mathematician Alan Turing in 1950, is a method used to determine if a computer can actually think like a human, although the method is controversial.

Augmented Intelligence Software

however, businesses are hindered by a lack of software, processes, and talent to help them rapidly and securely design, assemble, deploy, and manage AI-powered products and processes. CognitiveScale Cortex 5 simplifies design, development, delivery, and management of enterprise-grade AI systems that weave knowledge and learning across the enterprise—from front office to back office to mission critical core functions.

Artificial Intelligence

The term artificial intelligence was coined in 1956, but AI has become more popular today thanks to increased data volumes, advanced algorithms, and improvements in computing power and storage.

This early work paved the way for the automation and formal reasoning that we see in computers today, including decision support systems and smart search systems that can be designed to complement and augment human abilities.

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