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Software Development Engineer - AWS Artificial Intelligence

Come and be part of the Amazon AWS Artificial Intelligence organization!To learn more what we have recently delivered and how customers are using Amazon Comprehend, please refer to various blogs here: this role you will join Amazon Comprehend which is trend setting in NLP and ML field.

As a tier zero AWS service our solutions have to be super solid, scalable, efficient, and extremely fault tolerant.In the larger scope of the role, you will be responsible for rethinking the assumptions behind how traditional services were built and thinking how to build services best suited for intelligent applications in the cloud.

The top 5 AI jobs for 2019

Artificial intelligence (AI) skills dominated the list of the fastest-growing jobs in 2018—a trend that is expected only to grow in the future.

Machines and algorithms are predicted to create 133 million new jobs by 2022, since companies are racing to adopt the technology that promises to revolutionize the way work gets done, according to a Tuesday report from KPMG.

And with the start of the new year, employees may be looking to switch jobs and hop on the AI bandwagon—and may collect a large salary for doing so.

Working alongside the AI architect, the AI product manager coordinates between business teams to make sure solutions are integrated correctly, according to the report.

Software engineers are the ones working directly with data scientists to execute AI in a way that best works towards the company's goals.

The five most important new jobs in AI, according to KPMG

Fisher has a steer for those who are eyeing AI jobs but have yet to choose an academic path: business process skills can be “trained,” he said, but “there is no substitute for the deep technical skillsets, such as mathematics, econometrics, or computer science, which would prepare someone to be a data scientist or a big-data software engineer.” Someone with “no technical skills probably cannot be a data scientist, but they might have the background to be an AI ethicist or even an AI project manager,” he advises.

“While it’s unlikely they would have the right skills “out of the box”, with some degree of effort they can be the AI specialist of the future.” For those who are already working but want to move into an AI role, Fisher says they should choose the type of role that best suits their existing skills, and prepare to “retool;” he notes that progressive companies are already helping employees to do just this, in anticipation of a big shift in skills needs.  Joanne Cash, chair of the board of Mind Gym, which uses behavioral science to create bespoke training, says that while some jobs will indeed disappear as the use of AI and automation grows, the need for other kinds of jobs with nuanced skills will increase.

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