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Facebook Developed AI Beats Human Professionals In Six-player Poker

An artificial intelligence (AI) programme has defeated leading professionals in six-player no-limit Texas hold'em poker, the world's most popular form of poker, researchers said Friday.

Each pro separately played 5,000 hands of poker -- a family of card games that combines gambling, strategy, and skill -- against five copies of Pluribus, according to a research paper published in the journal Science.

In another experiment involving 13 pros, all of whom have won more than USD 1 million playing poker, Pluribus played five pros at a time for a total of 10,000 hands and again emerged victorious.

"Pluribus achieved superhuman performance at multi-player poker, which is a recognised milestone in artificial intelligence and in game theory that has been open for decades.

The ability to beat five other players in such a complicated game opens up new opportunities to use AI to solve a wide variety of real-world problems,"said Tuomas Sandholm, a professor who developed Pluribus with Noam Brown, a PhD candidate at Carnegie Mellon.

Sandholm and Brown earlier developed Libratus, which two years ago decisively beat four poker pros playing a combined 120,000 hands of heads-up no-limit Texas hold'em, a two-player version of the game.

Named for the late Nobel laureate John Forbes Nash Jr, a Nash equilibrium is a pair of strategies where neither player can benefit from changing strategy as long as the other player's strategy remains the same.

Artificial Intelligence beats top pros at six max

In 2017 Carnegie Mellon University Artificial Intelligence programme 'Libratus' famously beat a number of top poker players at heads-up, prompting a wave of mainstream media attention.

In 2017 Libratus caught the AI world's attention because by beating the best at heads-up poker, it displayed 'general intelligence', a much more reflexive form of learning compared to that needed to beat a game like chess.

By beating top players at six max, this is considered another big step for AI, as with five opponents there are so many more variables than heads-up.

Facebook's poker-playing AI beats five pro players at the same time

TWO YEARS AGO, a poker-playing robot called Libratus whooped professional card sharks at their own game, winning $1.7m in the process.

What a robot would spend $1.7m on was never answered, as the chips were imaginary, but the message was clear: no game is safe, humans.

This is important, because poker is all about the bluffs, which presents a unique challenge for bots: do it too often and your opponents will be wise to you, even if your poker face is gratifyingly blank.

'If each chip was worth a dollar, Pluribus would have won an average of about $5 per hand and would have made about $1,000/hour playing against five human players,' Facebook wrote.

While all of this is very impressive, bluffing aside, it does largely involve probability and the ability to remember cards - something artificial intelligence has a natural advantage in.

Finally AI defeats professional poker players in six-player poker

by CliPhotography Poker is an 'incomplete information game' that fights when the opponent's hand is not revealed, and it is different from a 'complete information game' such as Go or Shogi where all information such as the opponent's game pieces is disclosed.

Science Facebook, Carnegie Mellon build first AI that beats pros in 6-player poker Humans Fold: AI Conquers Poker's Final Milestone-Scientific American The research team of Tuomas Sandholm et al at Carnegie Mellon University developed an AI called ' Libratus ' in 2017 and played 120,000 games against poker professionals.

Artificial intelligence and poker confrontation with 4 professionals are completely won by artificial intelligence-GIGAZINE However, the match played in 2017 was only a one-on-one match between poker and AI, and if there were more people to play with, it would be difficult for AI to win, says Sandholm.

The action is ' check (wait for another player's action without betting chips)' ' bet (betting a chip)' ' raise (betting more chips on another player's bet)' ' call ( There are such things as paying the same amount of chips to the bet and raise of the opponent, participating in the game, and ' folding ' without getting paid to the bet and raise of the opponent.

In practice, two CPUs and 128 GB of memory are used as resources to run Pluribus, but Alpha Go, which beat Go's top イ セ セ 九 9 levels, has 1920 CPUs and 280 It uses as many GPUs as possible, and Pluribus is characterized by its ability to run with very few resources.

The poker pros chosen as the human side are top pros who have earned at least $ 1 million (about 108 million yen) in cash prizes in past poker tournaments, and 15 people rotate to join AI It was said that he played a match.

strength is 'the ability to mix strategies.' If a certain tendency is seen in the play, a professional player can take action and take action, but Pluribus seems to have been able to randomly distribute the playing at a level impossible for humans.

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