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Microsoft reveals an A.I. camera for developers

Microsoft announced the introduction of a new smart camera for business at the MWC conference in Barcelona on Sunday.

Microsoft is drawing on both its Kinect and Azure public cloud brands, as it sets off on the next phase in the company's emphasis on artificial intelligence — an area Microsoft identified as a top priority in a recent annual report.

The Microsoft Azure Kinect is 'new intelligent edge device that enables developers to create a wide range of AI-powered experiences,' Julia White, Microsoft's corporate vice president for Azure marketing, said at the conference.

White said the new product is the result of a collaboration of Microsoft's Azure cloud group and its devices team, which has previously created Surface Hub business devices, among other things.

Albertsons Companies to transform experiences for shoppers with Microsoft cloud and AI

– February 22, 2019 – Albertsons Companies, one of the largest food and drug retailers in the United States, is betting on cloud solutions from Microsoft Corp., including Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365, to provide new and transformative experiences to customers and employees.

Microsoft’s strengths in cognitive technologies, artificial intelligence and data science applied at scale at Albertsons Companies will transform the customer experience in our stores and digitally.” Using Microsoft Azure, Azure AI and Azure Cognitive Services, the partnership between the two companies includes immediate and long-term initiatives to digitally transform the customer journey, optimize operations and deliver better products and services.

The ‘frictionless future’ of grocery shopping Moving forward, the two companies plan to work together to leverage Azure and Azure AI and other Microsoft Cognitive Services to transform the shopping experience by eliminating the friction customers experience at the grocery store, such as not finding the products they want, longer-than-usual waits at the deli or meat counters and, of course, checkout lines.

“We’re excited about the unique experiences that Azure and Azure AI are enabling for Albertsons Companies that will allow it to build loyalty in this fiercely competitive market.” Partnership already proving results with One Touch Fuel Fuel stops are a whole lot faster with Albertsons Cos.’ new One Touch Fuel app, which eliminates the hassle of prompts at the pump and saves an average of at least 90 seconds during a fuel-up.

The new solution, which is being piloted in 25 stores across five divisions, uses Microsoft Azure and geo-fencing to allow customers to complete almost all the tasks associated with paying for gas from within the comfort of their car.

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