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Using bacteria to devour greenhouse gas—and produce bio fuels

Engineering new energy technologies Faculty of Engineering researchers receiving funding under the Alberta Innovates Climate Change Innovation Technology Framework program announced today are: Development of Next Generation Nanotech coatings for solar Low-E materials $95,000

to develop a new pipeline technology to induce “Large-Scale-Motion (LSM)” and “Very-Large-Scale-Motion (VLSM)” in the flow for transport of bitumen and oil products at a lower cost and environmental footprint across Canada. Arman

to accelerate the industrialization of methanotrophic bacteria for the bioconversion of methane waste into isoprenoids, a diverse class of organic molecules with a large number of potential commercial uses, including as biojet fuel and specialized fuel additives. Dominic

for a feasibility study on the development and optimization of cannabis waste pretreatment options and anaerobic treatment conditions for effective cannabis waste treatment and energy recovery. Yang

to develop a more explicit understanding on the complex thermal behaviour of borehole heat exchangers, and a refined analytical design approach for the GeoExchange system that leads to a more economically feasible design. Wei

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The Public Policy Challenges of Artificial Intelligence

A Conversation with Dr. Jason Matheny Director, Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) Eric Rosenbach (Moderator) Co-Director, Belfer ...

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Anomaly Detection: Algorithms, Explanations, Applications

Anomaly detection is important for data cleaning, cybersecurity, and robust AI systems. This talk will review recent work in our group on (a) benchmarking ...

Yuval Harari: "Techno-Religions and Silicon Prophets" | Talks at Google

Techno-Religions and Silicon Prophets: Will the 21st century be shaped by hi-tech gurus or by religious zealots – or are they the same thing? What is the current ...

AI in Public Sector: Tool for inclusion or exclusion?

March 1, 2018 Panel Event AI in the Public Sector: Tool for inclusion or exclusion? This panel was organized by the Taskar Center for Accessible Technology as ...