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AI can now read emotions – should it?

In its annual report, the AI Now Institute, an interdisciplinary research center studying the societal implications of artificial intelligence, called for a ban on technology designed to recognize people’s emotions in certain cases.

Specifically, the researchers said affect recognition technology, also called emotion recognition technology, should not be used in decisions that “impact people’s lives and access to opportunities,” such as hiring decisions or pain assessments, because it is not sufficiently accurate and can lead to biased decisions.

This latest technology relies on the data-centric techniques known as “machine learning,” algorithms that process data to “learn” how to make decisions, to accomplish even more accurate affect recognition.

Emotion recognition is enticing because, somehow, we as humans can accomplish this relatively well from even an early age, and yet capably replicating that human skill using computer vision is still challenging.

While it’s possible to do some pretty remarkable things with images, such as stylize a photo to make it look as if it were drawn by a famous artist and even create photo-realistic faces – not to mention create so-called deepfakes – the ability to infer properties such as human emotions from a real image has always been of interest for researchers.

Facial recognition has come a long way using machine learning, but identifying a person’s emotional state based purely on looking at a person’s face is missing key information.

If managers can get a sense of their subordinates’ emotions from interview to evaluation, decision-making regarding other employment matters such as raises, promotions or assignments might end up being influenced by that information.

As the AI Now report highlights: “Despite the increase in AI ethics content … ethical principles and statements rarely focus on how AI ethics can be implemented and whether they’re effective.” It notes that such AI ethics statements largely ignore questions of how, where, and who will put such guidelines into operation.

Convoy Says AI Now Fully Runs Its Load-Matching and Brokering

[Stay on top of transportation news: Get TTNews in your inbox.] Services that rely on artificial intelligence to handle financial and broker-related transactions are making inroads in trucking, in some cases taking over manual processes that for years relied on human hands.

Yet humans need not worry about being displaced, as this growth of technological influence will ultimately make work easier for people, said Christina Bottis, Coyote chief marketing officer, noting that human expertise is just as valuable — and necessary — as ever before.

“Coyote’s Tech + Humanity study found that human expertise is irreplaceable in many of our customers’ most crucial supply chain tasks, such as communicating with customers and 3PL partners, and solving delivery problems.” The study analyzed 13 tasks in terms of which are best suited for human expertise, which can be optimized with technology and which require a combination of both.

The study, conducted in partnership with third-party research firm Martec, found that human expertise is necessary for creative decision-making and strategic thinking, such as communicating with customers and resolving shipment and delivery problems.

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