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Artificial Intelligence News #99 February 28th 2019

Not only are the outputs of machine-learning algorithms often compiled artifacts that need to be incorporated into existing production services, the languages and techniques used to develop these models are usually very different than those used in building the actual service.


Kevin Teman, through his own personal struggles with finding a partner created the world’s first talking artificially intelligent matchmaker, which operates entirely by speaking with you (through an AI voice).

This is where AIMM comes in, AIMM facilitates the start of a relationship for you using the same effective matchmaking techniques for very low cost - essentially the distributed cost of maintaining the AI.

With some big names recently providing their support, AIMM’s team is expanding, AIMM foresees a speeding up of growth over the next year as it expands first to California and other states.

AI Codes its Own ‘AI Child’ - Artificial Intelligence breakthrough!

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