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Apple's priorities are shifting as iPhone sales continue to sink

The most immediate change to Apple's growth strategy will come from a host of new subscription services launching as early as this spring.

On top of video, Apple's plans for news will start to take shape this spring with a subscription news service that will offer unlimited access to top publications for a monthly fee.

The Wall Street Journal reported last week that some publishers are hesitant to join the news service because Apple is asking for too large of a cut of the total subscription revenues.

New code of conduct for artificial intelligence (AI) systems used by the NHS

A new code of conduct for artificial intelligence and other data-driven technologies will ensure that only the best and safest systems are used by the NHS.

AI technology is already being used across the NHS to improve the early diagnosis of heart disease and lung cancer, to reduce the number of unnecessary operations performed due to false positives, assist research by better matching patients to clinical trials, and support the planning of care for patients with complex needs.

We need to create an ecosystem of innovation to allow this type of technology to flourish in the NHS and support our incredible workforce to save lives, by equipping clinicians with the tools to provide personalised treatments.

This new code sets the bar companies will need to meet to bring their products into the NHS so we can ensure patients can benefit from not just the best new technology, but also the safest and most secure.

AI Codes its Own ‘AI Child’ - Artificial Intelligence breakthrough!

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