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10 Trends That Will Shape Paid Search In 2019

We got a gift in the form of the annual Acquisio ADvent Calendar, a roundup of what more than 20 leading pay per click marketers think will be the leading digital paid media trend of 2019.

It’s hard to overstate the affect machine learning and automation had on pay per click in 2018, and how much of an effect it will have going forward.

The ability to automate bids and budgets was a starting point, but we also saw dynamic search ads, better attribution capabilities, and other features roll out in 2018.

Machine learning runs on data – literally – and so in cases where there isn’t much data, marketers still need to step in and think creatively, strategically, and quickly – all things that machines don’t do very well.

Auditing AI for Better Search Campaigns in Your Industry”: For situations where data is sparse (i.e., for days like Black Friday, where campaigns don’t behave like other days of the year), it’s best for marketers to turn the algorithms off and manage their campaigns by hand.

The ecommerce goliath has been building pay per click marketing share in an intimidating way, and this will continue into 2019.

He says he’s already seeing the new platform shape his work and recommends a strategy of balancing PPC ads with shopping ads as a way to stay competitive in 2019.

If you’re thinking about them first, you’re already behind.” We cited audience targeting as a major trend for 2018, too, but this is another one of those trends so big it spans two years.

Our prediction for this year is that more marketers will start to think “audience first” and that Google and Bing will improve their audience targeting and segmenting capabilities for advertisers.

Video advertising has steadily increased in popularity, and since videos can also be used on social platforms, it presents additional opportunities to reach a wider audience.

So it’s not like you have to get ready to for voice searches to affect your pay per click campaigns – they are already affecting your campaigns.

Given how sophisticated audience targeting is getting, we may be able to design ads for specific demographics, locations, devices, times and other criteria.

Or, as Richard Beck proposes in his ADvent calendar prediction, maybe the algorithms will get smart enough to customize ads for individual users, so people who are more likely to click a call to action that says “Learn more” will see ads with “Learn more” copy, and people who are more likely to click on a CTA with “Call me now” will see that copy.

As Marc Poirier points out in his 2019 predictions, Google (and other platforms) have already come a long way towards solving the attribution problem.

It brings with it several secondary trends – automated ad creation, new roles for PPC marketers and better attribution.

E-commerce continues to boom: Digital commerce trends for 2019

According to research from Internet Retailer and Akamai, online spending during the 2018 holidays in the U.S. is estimated to be $122 billion, another banner year for digital commerce.

As such, many new ideas, approaches, and technologies will continue to appear, but deciding which ones to invest in is particularly challenging for organizations.

Nevertheless, my perspective is that innovations in three areas will impact digital commerce trends for 2019: Personalization, intelligence in commerce, and mobile commerce.

With advances in computation power and machine learning (ML), e-commerce operators now have the tools to learn the visitor’s intents and wants and cater to them.

In a short period of time and after a few iterations, we will be able to determine what the customer wants and personalize our content appropriately.

For a known visitor, the personalization level can be very fine grain when we combined this real-time context with market trending data, as well as historical information such as past purchases and preferences.

Following are some capabilities that expect AI/ML to be used to enhance the commerce experience and processes for both customers and organizations selling to them: The advances in AI/ML will accelerate in the years to come.

In the context of shopping and buying, the smartphone is the gateway to product information, price check, show-rooming, exploring, shopping, and buying.

Progress Web App (PWA) is enabling native app-like interactivity on mobile web storefront, facilitating sellers to offer richer and simpler buying experiences.

To learn more about other trends that matter in 2019, join us on this webinar to hear from the researchers at Ecommerce Forum as they present their findings of the global trends for ecommerce.

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