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The Changing Face of Business in the Wake of New Communication Technologies

From personalization to chatbots and beyond, businesses are changing their very structures to rise to meet the challenge and potential of new and evolving communication technologies.

Automation, chatbots, AI assistants, and more, all of these are the newest editions of communication technology and incorporating their potential and breadth into your business model is how you can provide unparalleled service to your customers that they are increasingly starting to expect.

Call centers are not necessary when you can create a voice assistant that guides customers to the right information, and manually communicating between businesses or departments is not necessary when you have reliable automation.

You simply need to understand the varying levels of communication and that yes, in many cases, a human ear will not hear a single word pass between systems.

Artificial Intelligence AI capabilities might never reach sentience, and that is probably a good thing, but with machine learning, businesses can offer communication services that offer personalization to the highest degree.

To provide the best service that can then translate into greater brand loyalty or sales, you will want customers to know it is a voice bot, and the voice bot’s goal.

In this case, voice bots can be instrumental in providing solutions to simple problems and for categorizing complaints so that they are dealt more effectively by human operators during office hours.

Big Data is the collection of behavior data in its entirety, and though you might not have access to the full lexicon (it is estimated that 70% or so of bought data is inaccurate) you can look deeper into your own storage.

You can expect to pay out $60,000 to $111,000 per annum for a talented employee who can analyze the data available from Big Data models and transform the endless numbers into actionable reports.

It also means that they are less likely to have taken time out of their career to pursue their education, and instead found a method to maintain their career while furthering their specialization.

You might have an employee in place that would be perfectly suited to help this area of your business expand, and by opting to fund for their online master's degree you will ensure you are strengthening your team even more.

How Businesses Can Successfully Adopt These New Technologies Knowing the top technologies that are set to facilitate and evolve communication channels is one thing, but knowing how to successfully adopt these technologies into your business model is another.

In Your Employees You will need to specialize your IT and development departments if you want to have a hope of keeping up with your competitors and providing your customers with a great experience year after year.

24/7 engagement can be hard to provide to customers, but chatbots and voice bots can give customers the engagement they are looking for during off-hours.

Dr. Rana el Kaliouby

Rana led the innovation of the company’s award winning technology, which uses deep learning and massive amounts of data to analyze complex and nuanced emotions and cognitive states from face and voice.

Later, as a research scientist at MIT Media Lab, she spearheaded the applications of emotion recognition technology in a variety of fields, including mental health and autism research.Rana holds a BSc and MSc in Computer Science from the American University in Cairo, a PhD from the Computer Laboratory at the University of Cambridge and a Post Doctorate at MIT.Rana is one of few women leading a disruptive AI company.

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