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Despite $6.1 Billion in Funding, China Not Leading in AI Innovation

Having focused only on technologies like computer vision, voice recognition, and NLP, as well as only a few market segments, such as finance, retail, and government, Chinese companies have seen rapid business growth in the domestic market, but they are having difficulty entering into the Western market.

Wang goes on to explain that "Chinese AI companies will struggle to penetrate U.S. and European markets because they lack clear technology advantage over the leading local peers and their expertise in covering some Chinese market segments cannot be leveraged to cover the foreign market Lux's "Will China Take Over the Global AI Industry?"

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Chicago AI Innovation Event

Join Intel and its partners as they share their perspective on how to plan, design and implement artificial intelligence and analytics solutions for your business.

Join Intel and its partners to learn moreabout unique market solutions that will helpyour organization capture the right data,manage the growing size and complexity ofit, and provide solutions to drive value andmonetize it.

AI innovation by Uncle Ben's to use Google Lens

Mars Food’s UNCLE BEN’S brand is partnering with Innit, a Connected Food platform, to launch an AI-driven innovation that will forever change the way consumers engage with food.UNCLE BEN’S is the first food brand to leverage Google Lens, Google’s visual search technology, to connect helpful digital information to physical products and unlock dinnertime solutions in-store and at home.

packages and retail displays in the U.S. to discover dynamic content powered by Innit, including recipes with ingredient lists, nutrition advice and step-by-step videos to make cooking simple.

“Working with Google and Innit, we have created a powerful new way to help consumers navigate the journey from store-shelf to dinner plate, all while enabling families to enjoy the benefits of cooking together.”

For consumers who use Innit already, the experience will go one step further with personalized recommendations based on the consumer’s preferences and dietary needs (allergies, health conditions, etc.).

Powered by the latest computer vision technology and AI, Google Lens is a visual search tool that lets users search what they see, get stuff done faster, and interact with the world around them in an entirely new way.

Center for Academic Innovation

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