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First executive programme built for professionals and entrepreneurs to lead the transformation of the Finance industry. 

To create a Foundation Course in such a fast-moving sector, we have looked for proven lecturers who know how to teach, but are also practitioners who are part of Finance 2.0 Around Fintech in 8 hours has been designed by CFTE with the help of 4 senior lecturers: Andrei Kirilenko, Dan Liebau, Huy Nguyen Trieu and Janos Barberis.

Thanks a lot Janos!” Financial Analyst – Global roadshow presentation by Janos Barberis ‘This course is a really fun and interactive approach to innovation and design thinking, the speakers that Dan invited also provided further insights into the Fintech industry.” Associate in Consulting firm – SMU Fintech executive programme led by Dan Liebau

25 Mar 2019, HKU FinTech MOOC Meetup

At the event will be our instructors flying in from all corners of the world to have an open chat and a stimulating roundtable discussion on upskilling talents for the new world of Finance 2.0.The meetup will also highlight the two new FinTech MOOCs launching in May 2019, LITE Lab@HKU – an interdisciplinary and experiential programme spearheaded by HKU Faculty of Law – and professional opportunities in the industry.