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Terrifying Images Show The Overwhelming Scale of Australia's Bushfires From Space

Australia's raging bushfires are so bad that satellites thousands of miles above Earth can easily spot their flames and smoke from space.

The fires likely started naturally, though experts think human-caused climate disruption has exacerbated hot, arid conditions that fuel the growth of such blazes.

Current estimates suggest eastern Australia's bushfire crisis has scorched more than 14 million acres of land, killed about half a billion animals, and displaced hundreds of thousands of people.

Business Insider) The photo above – which shows plumes of smoke roughly half the area of Europe darkening skies as far as New Zealand in a yellow haze – was taken on Thursday by the Japan Meteorological Agency's Himawari-8 satellite.

The smoke plume alone is currently about 1.3 billion acres, or half the size of Europe, and is drifting more than 1,000 miles over New Zealand, where it is choking and yellowing the skies.

As robots take over warehousing, workers pushed to adapt

Much of the boom in warehouse robotics has its roots in Amazon's $775 million purchase of Massachusetts startup Kiva Systems in 2012.

Amazon's Kiva purchase 'set the tone for all the other retailers to stand up and pay attention,' said Jim Liefer, CEO of San Francisco startup Kindred AI, which makes an artificially intelligent robotic arm that grasps and sorts items for retailers such as The Gap.

In pic - The tech giant is still rolling out new models descended from the Kiva line, including the Pegasus, a squarish vehicle with a conveyor belt on top that can be found working the early-morning shift at a warehouse in the Phoenix suburb of Goodyear.

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The Hype Over Quantum Computers, Explained

In October 2019, Google made a big announcement. It announced its 53-qubit quantum computer named Sycamore had achieved 'quantum supremacy.

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Live from Disrupt SF 2019 Day 2.

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