AI News, AI Frontiers Conference | November 9

AI Frontiers Conference

In this three-day AI conference at San Jose, we bring together leading scientists and practitioners who have deployed large-scale AI products.

AI Frontiers Conference 2018

Keynote Overview of the development of deep learning and its applications.

Afternoon Session 1 - AutoML and AutoProgramming Leading scientists are presenting the current breakthrough in deep learning.

Afternoon Session 2 - Internet of Things (IoT) Industry experts from leading companies are discussing how AI is integrating with IoT in the future.

Afternoon Session 4 - AI in Finance The growing presence of machine learning in financing.

Dinner Banquet Keynote - AI in Machine Perception and Other Application The application of deep learning in machine perception and security.

The banquet is a full course sit down dinner with wine, and a chance to interact with the speakers on an one to one basis.

You will have the opportunity to meet and mingle with other guests, build connections, raise company profile, form potential business and research partnerships.

Morning Session 1 - Robots Industry experts from companies that are actively developing robots come together to discuss their work.

Morning Session 2 - Drones Industry experts from companies that are actively developing drones come together to discuss their work.

panel of industry experts from companies that are actively developing game simulator and AI players come together to discuss their works.

Startup Demo Session: Demos from 10 startups, each startup has 5 minutes for the demo and 5-minute comments from the VC panel.

We bring AI experts to provide hands-on training courses on latest AI technologies and tools.

Promotion: Students can apply the promotion code: d150studtp for $150 discount on top of the Career Development Ticket (Training Pass).

AI Frontiers Conference | November 9-11, San Jose, CA | Top AI Conference 2018

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