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Join us and connect with the top speakers, entreprenuers and developers in the chatbot and ai space.

The Goal of Day 1 is to give you an overall understanding of the Bot Ecosystem, to discover the best business application that are producing an ROI, and to do deep dives in the most essential areas.

By the end of day one, you will have a greater overall understanding of where we are in the tech cycle , what use cases are most effective, how to leverage what is currently working and bring it into the world and insight of what is next!

Intel : Artificial Intelligence

By allowing machines to learn, reason, act and adapt in the real world, artificial intelligence and machine learning are helping businesses unlock deeper levels of knowledge and insights from massive amounts of data.

Our artificial intelligence strategy is to help ensure that every data scientist, developer and practitioner has access to the best platform and easiest starting point to solve the AI problem being tackled from the data center to the edge.

The event is designed to connect the top minds in data science, machine and deep learning, application development, and research to hear the latest perspectives and see practical implementations that break barriers between theory and real-world practice.

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Following the success of our 2018 ITWeb AI Summit, we are proud to announce that we are rolling out our second annual Artificial Intelligence 2019 Summit.

This year, we are aiming to bring even more end-users, thought leaders and technology providers to share the current AI trends.

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Andy Chan is a Product Manager at Infinia ML, an artificial intelligence company that builds custom algorithms and software for Fortune 500 companies.

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