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Deepfake: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Despite a gun’s barrel in his face, Abagnale masquerades as a fellow law enforcement agent who is also after the conman, fooling Hanratty and slipping through his fingers.

The discriminator — our Hanratty — looks at both the authentic images and the forged ones created by the generator, training itself to tell the real from the fake.

As the GAN model continues training, both the generator and the discriminator get progressively better at their jobs, elevating each other to whole new levels of forgery and detection.

With 93 million selfies taken everyday, one can only imagine how easy it could be to abuse deepfakes for cynical, even criminal uses: revenge porn, blackmail, identity theft, or exacerbating misinformation are examples we can imagine now.

That’s why we have curated 6 tools that can help you detect deepfakes: But deepfakes are like computer viruses: as soon as someone finds a way to detect them, another will find a way around it.

founder of TwentyBN, believes that by combining deepfake technique, video understanding (with TwentyBN’s Something-Something dataset and HyperModel for action recognition), dialogue systems like Google Duplex, and language models like OpenAI GPT-2, we will be able to build realistic digital humans who can conduct face-to-face conversations that are indistinguishable from a natural human conversation.

The real Abagnale, like in the film, was released from prison and served over four decades at the FBI, working on counterfeits and forgeries, embezzlement and financial crimes, and cybersecurity crimes.

The same learning applies to deepfake: No matter how realistic deepfakes become or how accurate anti-deepfake technology evolves, the real damage caused by deepfakes are done by humans who create, falsely believe, and spread deepfakes.

Instead of blaming technology, we must find creative solutions to help people think more critically about information they digest online and learn to share more smartly on social media.

While being conscious of deepfake’s negative impacts, we should look to the better angels of AI and harness deepfake’s potential to create new forms of communication that will improve our lives.

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