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Artificial intelligence and machine learning can be the backbones of a drug launch playbook

As markets become more crowded, pharmaceutical companies are focusing their drug development strategies on specialized populations, such as individuals with rare diseases or those with genetic subsets of chronic conditions like cancer and diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in a drug development and launch playbook offers new possibilities to find the right subpopulation(s) for product targeting as a way to ensure a successful launch.

Indeed, we believe that AI and ML represent powerful, disruptive tools that will transform the future of drug development, empowering manufacturers with faster and better insights that will improve drug launch success.

Real-world anonymized patient-level data and machine learning models that predict a product’s potential impact on patient outcomes can be incorporated into documentation for a health technology assessment, providing additional insights that can support negotiating optimal pricing and reimbursement rates with payers prior to market launch.

With superior capabilities to handle the complexity of a vast volume of data, proprietary models can predict if a physician will prescribe a new product over a six- to 12-month time period with 80% accuracy.

We and our colleagues at IQVIA have developed a platform that incorporates anonymized patient longitudinal data, payer and health plan data, and data about health behaviors and characteristics of health care providers across the U.S. Working with one pharmaceutical company, we delivered a 25% lift for the launch of a second-line indication in the cancer treatment market.

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