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How Artificial Intelligence is Enhancing Mobile App Technology

In today’s competitive market, every company is trying to make its mark.

In this cut-throat competition, mobile phone companies are constantly trying to introduce some new features in their mobile devices every single day.

Like a humans’ nature of analyzing and responding, AI lets the computer obtain information and rule sets and eventually helps the computers to generalize results that might take place next, based on the patterns recorded earlier.

Even now, AI plays an important role in how an individual uses his/her smartphone and this support is going to increase significantly soon.

With the data being received regarding the people’s true behaviors of using a smartphone, there is a clear understanding of the customer’s requirement and a potential target for the marketers to deliver such a product.

Introduction of artificial intelligence with the best possible microprocessors is a way to not let mobile handset users lure away to their competitors.

It is an unknown fact, that for years the phones have been gathering data on our using pattern through a dozen sensors installed on the phone.

With the introduction of augmented reality and chat-bots, AI tech is at the center of this evolution as customers demand quick and real-time response for their demands and queries.

From intelligent speech recognition and interpretation to context-aware computing to smart chatbots to predictive analysis, the introduction of Artificial Intelligence into mobile phones have taken mobile application development to the next level.

AI with the combination of face recognition technology is able to recognize faces with up to 98% accuracy and Google says that their new system for recognizing faces is the best one ever.

Mobile phone companies are using this technology through the phone’s camera, for features like unlocking the phone and secured folders/applications containing confidential data.

AI algorithm also helps simple features like smile shutter, adjusting the camera’s lenses in different light conditions, creating depth in an image, usage of various filters, etc.

Every time you click a picture using your phone and it is saved in the phone’s gallery, AI assists in storing it in the gallery date wise as a human would do.

Artificial intelligence with Machine Learning is already delivering an amazing on-device experience for its users and mobile phone companies are taking the complete benefit of this innovation to retain their customers.

Top AI-driven Mobile Apps that are enriching Users’ Experience

Since the introduction of applications of artificial intelligence, people have been enjoying a tremendous transformation in their lives.

If we take the success rate of artificial intelligence into consideration, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this amazing technology will go a long way.

Don’t mind it please, but artificial intelligence is doing more than taking voice commands or unlocking your smartphone by recognizing your face.

The major functionalities of this app are it reads out short text and documents, gives a description of the person who has been clicked, identifies currencies, translates different handwriting styles, etc.

Anirudh Koul, a data scientist, started work on developing this app to help his grandfather who was losing vision power drastically.

Actually, Ada is powered by AI-driven engine combined with a mammoth medical knowledge base that is comprised of data about numerous conditions, symptoms, and solutions.

If we solely focus on one major side effect urbanization causes, it is ‘Air pollution.’ Keeping yourself safe from harmful air is inevitable, no matter how good an air purifier you are using at your home.

By means of this app, users can take vital steps to avoid inhaling polluted air to a great extent.

After some time, she got an idea to build a chatbot that can learn from text messages sent by her best friend and communicate accordingly.

We had started this list with Microsoft’s app ‘Seeing AI’, and now, we are going to end it by discussing another app launched by the same company: ‘Microsoft Pix.’ According to Time Magazine, Microsoft Pix is one of the best 50 mobile apps.

Let’s suppose, you have clicked 10 pictures of one particular object then Microsoft pix will help you to identify the three best ones, and all thanks go to artificial intelligence.

AI in Mobile Apps: How to Make an App like Siri

To create a Siri-like app and voice assistant, you can use three methods, for better understanding let’s call them junior, middle and senior.

If you have been considering voice assistant integration into your mobile app, you’ve probably noticed that Siri had been unavailable for third-party apps.

But, everything changed in 2016, when iOS 10 was released at the WWDC and Siri integration can take place in a few arias, so you can use Siri if you’re planning to develop an app that falls under one of these categories: So how to make your own Siri?

A user sends a voice request, the system defines the intents’ characteristics and sends it to the Intents App Extension, it processes the received data, if needed, uses your app’s services and then shows the result to the user.

The Cortana Dev Center provides you with detailed information on the using Cortana’s skill in your mobile app and integrating the app name into a voice command.

You can integrate the app’s name into a voice command using these three ways: There are two types of regimes you can activate in Cortana for your mobile app: the background for apps with simple commands, and the foreground for more complex commands that require specification of parameters.

Well, Google has its perks for developers, for example, it doesn’t have a strict requirement for design and the approvement period in the Play market is reasonably shorter and easier than in the Apple Store.

Google Now is an artificial intelligence assistant that can not only understand requests and give an answer but also learn, analyze, and conclude.To integrate it into your mobile app, you’ll need to register the app with Google.

Voice Actions API has a detailed guide for developers that teaches them how to integrate voice ai mechanism in mobile apps and even wearable apps.

You can create a mobile AI voice assistant with TensorFlow that is trained on specific data, such as SpeakEasy AI, which was a chatbot built on a neural model that was trained on millions of comments from Reddit.

AML has the support for multiple data sources, lets developers create data source objects by using the data in Amazon Redshift and MySQL database, has the support for binary classification, multi-class classification, and regression models.

With these questions in mind, develop the right voice tone, language, and tasks that your AI personal assistant apps can do to make the end user’s life easier.

When making a feature list for voice assistant apps, remember this: to build AI assistant that works is better than a feature-packed assistant that doesn’t perform one task perfectly.

Artificial intelligence in mobile applications is a big trend today and everyone wants to take a bite of this delicious pie and a voice assistant is just one way of doing it.

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