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Artificial Intelligence 2001

A.I. Artificial Intelligence - Official® Trailer [HD]

Release Date: June 29, 2001 It's the mid-21st century and man has developed a new type of computer that is aware of its own existence. This computer has ...

A.I. Artificial Intelligence International Trailer #1 (2001)

The official international trailer for Steven Spielberg's A.I. Artificial Intelligence from 2001.

A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001) - Obsolete Mechas

Homeless mechas scavenge for spare arms, legs, eyes, jaws, etc. before being chased down by the Flesh Fair. It's poignant, creepy and menacing all at once.

A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001) - Movies with Mikey

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A.I. Artificial Intelligence

In the not-so-distant future, David, a robot with actual human feelings, especially a never-ending love for his "mother," Monica, is adopted as a substitute for her ...

A.I. -- Gigolo Joe

A.I. Artificial Intelligence, also known as A.I., is a 2001 American science fiction drama film written, directed, and produced by Steven Spielberg. The film stars ...

A.I. Artificial Intelligence Scene - David & Futuristic Mecha

Right before the final scenes of the film.

World School - Food in Movies - AI: Artificial Intelligence 2001

Food in Movies.

Steven Spielberg's A.I.-ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (2001) - The Flesh Fair

As a "celebration of life," future mankind makes symbolic spectacle of the destruction of artificiality. Copyright 2002 Dreamworks and Warner Bros. All rights ...