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If ‘ji32k7au4a83’ is Your Online Password, You’re Not Alone—Here’s Why

The Vatican Secret Archives comprise 600 collections of texts spanning 12 centuries, most of which are nearly impossible to access.

As the researchers explain in their paper, the students were shown a list of acceptable versions of a real letter, such as the letter A, and were then given a list of characters the software had guessed might be the real letter.

All this information, plus a database of 1.5 million Latin words that had already been digitized, eventually brought the OCR to a place where it could use artificial intelligence to identify real letters on its own.

The final results aren't perfect—a good portion of the words transcribed so far contain typos—but Vatican archivists are a lot better off than they were before: The software can identify individual handwritten letters with 96 percent accuracy, and misspelled words can still provide important context to readers.

Peggy Phelan and Maneesh Agrawala

His focus is on investigating how cognitive design principles can be used to improve the effectiveness of audio/visual media.

The goals of this work are to discover the design principles and then instantiate them in both interactive and automated design tools.

She also holds the Ann O'Day Maples Professorship in the Arts and faculty appointments in the departments of English and Theatre and Performance Studies at Stanford. Publishing widely in both book and essay form, Phelan is the author of Unmarked: the politics of performance (Routledge, 1993);

by Helena Reckitt (Phaidon, 2001, winner of “The top 25 best books in art and architecture” award,, 2001);

She edited and contributed to Live Art in Los Angeles, (Routledge, 2012), and contributed catalog essays for Everything Loose Will Land: 1970s Art and Architecture in Los Angeles (Mak Center, 2013), Haunted: ContemporaryPhotography, Video, and Performance (Guggenheim Museum, 2010);

She has also written about Robert Frost, Michael and Paris Jackson, Olran, Marina Abramovic, Dziga Vertov and a wide range of artists working in photography, dance, architecture, film, video, music, and poetry.

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