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Josh is the Chief Executive of Agorai, a global platform that provides an inventory of turnkey software solutions, technology and data needed for any company to join the AI economy.

After his undergraduate education at MIT, he joined Sapient where he launched the capital markets consulting business which grew to become a multi-hundred million dollar business unit.

In addition to his corporate role,Josh alsoserves on the board of directors for NPower, a non-profit focused on providing veterans and disadvantaged individuals with the access and opportunity to build technology skills and achieve their potential.

He started his career at JPMorgan, where he held structuring and marketing positions on several derivatives desks, including emerging market derivatives and credit derivatives.

Sean has been a founder or board advisor to several early stage companies in fields such as asset management, private equity, enterprise software, and fintech.

During the early part of his career he helped publicly listed Australia companies to gain access to the Asian markets using local resources and development strategies.

Royal Navy, responsible through a £6Bn per year operating budget for delivering global capability in nuclear forces, submarines, naval aviation, carriers, warships and marines.

An engineer and technologist at heart, George’s military technical legacy was the leadership and delivery of Exercise Unmanned Warrior 2016, the largest unmanned military exercise in history, designed to force and exploit data sharing across a wide selection of autonomous platforms.

He is currently writing a new book for MIT Press on how human collaboration in business and politics will be transformed by machine intelligence, quantum computing and blockchain.

He is an active investor in early stage artificial intelligence companies.Toby worked with sovereign funds, hedge funds, corporates and other clients to achieve their goals.

He has been an early contributor to several successful startups, and has worked across functional and geographic boundaries of larger firms to maximize value for clients.

He volunteers for organizations promoting the arts, entrepreneurship and STEM education, advises a number of technology startups, and is a mentor and board member for regional accelerator programs.

She has managed countless acquisitions, company launches and re-brands on behalf of clients and as her clients say, she “gets it.” Audra also loves developing and mentoring the Articulate team and seeing them succeed.

Agoria start met focus group "AI Ethics, Regulation & Standardization"

Met de grote hoeveelheid data die momenteel beschikbaar is, zijn de toepassingen van Artifici�le Intelligentie (AI) enorm.

Agoria volgt dit allemaal zeer nauwlettend op en zorgt voor een terugkoppeling naar de leden zodat iedereen op de hoogte kan zijn van wat er leeft in het AI eco-systeem.

Binnen deze component gaan we kijken naar wat de bestaande regelgevingen zijn die van toepassing zijn op AI, en volgen we de verschillende regelgevende initiatieven op die in de toekomst zullen ontstaan.

Op internationaal en Europees niveau zijn er normalisatie commissies opgericht om na te denken over welke normen er opgesteld kunnen worden rond AI.

Deze groep zal zijn eerste vergadering houden op 22 januari in BluePoint, Brussel �De vergadering van AI normalisatie is tevens de eerste vergadering van de spiegelcommissie ISO/IEC SC42 Artificial Intelligence.

Agorai is a global platform that provides an inventory of turnkey software solutions, technology and data needed for any company to join the AI Economy

Virtual Assistants / Chatbots Media Spend Arbitrage Contextually Intelligent Digital Ad Servers

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The Agorai ICO is yet another HOT ICO due for it being an AI project , and We know that AI is going to hit big in the market with the evolution of Technology !

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